Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Understanding New Media: Chapters 23-33

In this section of reading, the chapters concerning Ads, Games, and Music were most notable for me. I think that the intertwinement of advertising and the Internet has become a cornerstone in the world of business. Now that the interest of the consumers has shifted from the TV and newspapers to the Internet, more businesses are seeking online marketing. The internet has really changed the architecture of marketing strategy. Given the interactive nature of the Internet, people find spending time on the computer more entertaining than watching TV, thus advertisers must shift where they aim their messages. Because of the many different types of viewers, advertisers must construct their messages for smaller, more specific audiences. Internet advertising is also more appealing because of the low financial demand and it is easy to tailor to the interests of the audience. Moreover, the advertiser can receive feedback on how effective their Ad has proven to be from the number of times a consumer clicks on their Ad. Another beneficial feature of internet advertising is the Online Viral Market. This strategy entails Internet users to pass on messages to other users that advertises a product or service, similar to "word of mouth". This way, your product and service is marketed through positive reviews and ratings from others. Gaming is another facet that has been greatly impacted by New Media. With the new digital technology, the gaming experience is enhanced with life like graphics. Gaming companies are even bringing interactivity to the next level through a virtual reality interface where your own body movements are translated into the game. However this chapter was particularly interesting for me because of the argument Logan makes concerning the social impacts of games. While most believe that games have detrimental effects on users, Logan believes that gaming promotes math, logic, and science abilities. Games also help develop hand-eye coordination, a skill important in the digital world we live in. Lastly, New Media has greatly changed the world of music industry. With the emergence of iTunes and the successfulness of iPods and other mp3s, the existence of CDs is threatened. Music artists depend more on their performances and memorabilia for revenue and use CD releases as a promotional tool. In addition, the release of iPod has sprouted many other industries that make accessories for the new device such as cases and speakers. The portability and large storage space of iPods and mp3s allow for more freedom of the user. They can choose what music to listen to, where to listen to it, and where. These customizing qualities of the new music technology have led some to believe that they are "reflections of who we are as people, a way of seeing ourselves in the mirror of a machine" (176).

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