Friday, June 8, 2012

Digital and Analogical

The other night we discussed the difference between digital and analogical. Digital are discrete units such as words, numbers and letters that have no resemblance to anything.  In addition, digital allows editing to be much easier. It is also more compact and leaves more space available. The problems that come with digitalization, is that it allows for easier plagiarism. However, it is also positive because it allows new creativity. On the other hand, analogical means literally non-logical but, it is something continuous and has resemblance to other things such as time and pictures. Furthermore, analogical requires more space than digital things such as DVR. In addition we were introduced to Marshall McLuhan. He had some very interesting ideas such as the “medium is the message or massage.” It is like a massage because it works and shapes us over a period of time. Furthermore he is known as “the oracle of the electric age” since he predicted Internet or something like the works of Google. Another thing that was fascinating is that he believes the generation gap in neurological. This is because books are no longer “king” and the electronic use caused a direct affect in the nervous system, transforming human nature. He also believed that humanity could be intertwined for good or bad through electronics. I’m very interested to read more about him.

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