Thursday, June 21, 2012

Logan Chapters 23-33

In chapters 23-33 of Understanding New Media, the author finishes describing how certain old media have been influence by new media. Ads are now ubiquitous on the internet. Videogames have changed our idea of games forever. The telegraph is now extinct, and the typewriter is almost extinct; however, the QWERTY keyboard lives on. The telephone answering machine has been replaced by voice mail, and smartphones, which are telephones that contain computer functions, are everywhere. Music playing and recording has also been influence by new media; many, if not most people listen to music on iPods or other mp3 players. Movies can now be created by anyone that has a videocamera and shared with the world via YouTube. Radio has been influenced by new media due to the use of satellite radio, online radios, and podcasts. Television shows are now widely available online and can be watched at any time due to the use of DVRs. Last but not least, weapons have even be influenced by new media because many are now robotic or unmanned.

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