Friday, June 15, 2012


6/11-chp1 television
 In chapter 31, I found it interesting to think of how the first television was a live medium, so all broadcast was live and spur of the moment. This didn’t change until videotapes were introduced. Furthermore, it was interesting to read about the impact the remote controller made. By allowing the viewer to channel surf, the viewer becomes an active participant in the medium. Moreover, I think its important to note that television serves out information, and information does not equal education. As a consequence, television does not educate viewers. Furthermore, pg.218 discusses how cell phones are “changing the nature of social interactions.” This is because cell phones allow people to always be interconnected. No matter what your doing or where are you are, majority of the time anyone can be reached on their cell phones. Furthermore, it is also very interactive since it is no longer just talking to one another. Cell phones also have the ability to email, use the Internet, take pictures and play games. As a consequent, the camera phone leads to social impact. The camera phones have the ability to show inappropriate behavior of authority figures on YouTube and other sites through the use of pictures and video. These citizen photo-journalists also use their camera phones to take pictures of celebrities that the paparazzi cant get.

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