Monday, June 18, 2012

Internet and Blogging

6/12-chp. 44-46

In addition to the amazing benefits the computer provides, the book also discuses the disservice of the computers. For an example, students usually bring their laptops to class and rather then taking notes they are visiting social media sites and chatting with friends. As a consequent, people fail at developing healthy social lives. Furthermore, the Internet was originally called the “information super highway (236).” I found it interesting that information scientists working for the American military to provide backup communications in case the U.S. had a nuclear attack by the Russians created the Internet. Furthermore, the chapter also discussed blogging. Blogging is important and useful to both the blogger and viewer. This is because there is a mutual effort being made because, the ability to comment allows the reader to give feedback. Furthermore, the blogs also are a news medium. For an example, the book said that people in Iran would use blogging to get across information that would usually be blocked by the government. It is also important to note the problem with Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the 7th most popular site on the Internet. The problem is it may provide misinformation since it is an open source that anyone can edit. As a result it is important to be careful when using the information.

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