Sunday, June 24, 2012

6-11 The Internet, The Web, and Social Media

The internet has become one of our most popular forms of media. It started as a bunch of smaller networks connected, and today you can access it almost anywhere. We are able to connect using our cell phones or simply using ipads/laptops to connect to a wireless network. The web has become a popular informational highway in our culture today. By simply using google you can actually avoid spending hours in the library doing research. As we mentioned in class when in doubt google it. I personally use google as a reference in any type of research. Social Media networks are another platform that has become popular in new media. We are all familiar with Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. These social media's help us all stay connected and in touch with people anywhere. It has also been used for advertisement. Our culture has embraced all of these forms of media to interact with the world.

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