Sunday, June 24, 2012

Logan, Chaps..47-49

There are many different ways to display virtual reality. The one that I found most interesting was the "CAVE", which was a cube where images were posted on every side making the environment completely immersive. Self driving cars or Mariner Rovers have made it easier to snap pictures on Mars or discover a world that could not be seen before. All of these advancements only lead to the yearning of more and more knowledge. Creations like the bot have revolutionized the use of technology and the WEB. We can search for information without the help of any outside source or aid of any human being. It is the bots sole duty to connect you with information that you are seeking. These bots are only as efficient as any intelligent or well practiced web surfer. Without a form of AI or artificial intelligence we will always have to be well versed in what we are doing, but with AI all information would become more of a hands on guide instead of an encyclopedia. There are many critics of Artificial Intelligence and the dangers it can bring, but putting the movies aside all of this has only created more good through out society. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, applauds googles' accomplishments as a web browser and hopes to create a similar version by entering information that is essential to the user. With individuals like Jobs, Wales, and Alan Kay are world of technology will flourish and hopefully continue in the advancement of helping people through out all parts of their daily lives

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