Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Information Class Was Very Informational

The way professor Strate started the information section in class was very memorable.  T.S Elliot's poem called "The Rock" is a poem about how life has gotten so complicated with the use of technology.  He is wondering where life has gone and how we are coming nearer to our deaths.  This was a good way to start off the class because we talked about the heat death of the universe, where the statistical tendency will eventually even out and everything will become the same causing the end of the world.  It was also interesting to learn about bits and bytes.  I do not remember learning about them, but when professor Strate mentioned that my childhood jump ropes games were made from lyrics about bits, I was shocked.  I had no idea this was the case.  For example, I thought the "shave and a jump rope, 2 bits" tune was just a quirky knock that people used to knock on doors.  It was also interesting to learn about positional notation.  Although this is a communication class, I enjoyed learning about this, even though I got confused at times.  The last thing I though was extremely interesting was how Claude Shannon laid the basis for electric computers based on his masters thesis.  Learning about the mathematical theory of communication and how it has evolved was something I never knew, but glad I do now.

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