Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chapters 19, 20, 12, 13 & the Epilogue

E-mail has been a upcoming and influential form of communication within the last two decades. Marshall McLuhan discussed and described the medium as being synonymous with the message itself. E-mails have many things that make them different from letters or even older correspondence such as memos where emails take a bulk of their form from. Most individuals these days use acronyms and initials to shorten the length of what they are writing. At the same time many individuals do not use a proper letter format such as including sincerely, dear, or the regular structure of a formal letter. This is making communication a lot faster and easier to respond to, but increasing less and less formal. They were aiming to make e-mail as fluid as possible. Flaming is a term that is used in describing email conversations and the content with in them. Flaming used to describe someone who was a complete and utter annoyance to those that came in contact with that individual. It has now adapted a more broad meaning including many things as expressing hostile emotions and cursing within expressing these emotions.  Many factors come into play when deriving the cause of flaming. There are many different situations that can effect flaming and the outcome of flaming. Individuals feel that those who follow the rules will get rid of those who do not follow the rules, but in any circumstance there are always going to be rule breakers. When discussing virtual reality and implementing it into our society there are many precautions that need to be examined. Many think that introducing new technology is as easy as inventing something and selling it. There are many tests and prototypes that are conducted and made to ensure compatibility with humans. Many hope that a ambiquitous society is near and will be most helpful in aiding everyone to learn and enlighten individuals to the advancement of our society. Many schools today are implementing online classes, which the students, professors, and schools see as a great opportunity to let individuals learn from home with ease. On the other hand people are afraid that this will make the student body lazy or more capable of cheating through uses of technology. With everything said we as a society need to take necessary precautions when attempting to use or create new technology. When our society becomes totally entwined and dependent on technology is when there could be a serious problem. We need to take a step back and look at what we have done and what we are looking to do. All in all technology and its advancements have brought miracles to millions of people so we should embrace it, but at the same time have a great sense of caution in the back of our minds that we are creating our own fate.

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