Saturday, June 9, 2012

Systems Theory & Chaos Theory

On Tuesday, the highlight of the class was the discussion of the Systems and Chaos Theories, which I found particularly interesting. While talking about the Systems Theory, Prof. Strate established a definition for a system - a whole composed of interdependent parts where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A system generally features three attributes: structure, interaction, and relationship. From interaction, we get emergence. When parts form a system and interaction takes place, new content emerges. In coherence, we discussed the notion of autopoiesis which means self-making, life makes life. Autopoiesis describes the interactive nature of the internet. Through online intercommunication, people create their own society, culture, and world. The other highlight of the class, the Chaos Theory, claims that out of order emerges chaos and out of chaos emerges order. This is true because one cannot exist without the other. In correlation, we talked about the butterfly effect which is essentially a feedback loop that intensifies over time. A small occurrence that is repeated over and over again can create a massive effect. Information was once described as being the opposite of entropy; however, these new theories and concepts have shifted information in the middle of chaos and order. In order for things such as information in New Media to evolve, we need chaos. We cannot have information if there is no uncertainty.

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