Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From Telegraphs to Cybernetics

Throughout Professor Strate' lectures he has illustrated the timeline of events that have strengthened and advanced our ways of communication. A simple machine as the telegraph eventually became the foundation of networking for an array of types of communication. A critical idea that was shared in this class was that of electromagnetism. This is the idea of a field of all types of radiation emitting in all directions to make such things as cellular devices and radio possible. The advancement of such methods as using teletype and the facsimile have become outdated and ancient relative to cybernetics and the modern day computer. Cybernetics was brought about by Norbert Wiener. Cybernetics is the science of control and Mr. Wiener believed that information was essential to control. Claude Shannon developed the information theory. This theory leads us to believe that the fundamental make up of the universe is energy. He also stated that everything has a tendency to lead to chaos whether it was entropic to begin with or not.  Wiener also expressed that every signal that is sent out is degraded in some sense and that to stop degrading we must use amplification and redundancy. Many of these theories are used in everyday life such as in the comparison of network television shows to television commercials. The idea of positional notation has rooted back from cultures and their monetary systems and is now used in many different ways. With time comes discovery and advancement and Professor Strate is diligently leading us through the history of how we have come to communicate in present day.

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