Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapters: 2,3,9,21 Questions of Control

 As we have learned, cyberspace is a meeting place for doing things but, there is so much more to it. Norbert Wiener realized in medical school that there is feedback in all interactivity. This concept of a feedback loop suggests that body parts project themselves into devices in order to allow for feedback. The example in the book made a lot of sense to me. It says that when a person drives a sedan rather then the sports car, one can so-called, “feel” the difference. This is because the sports car responds faster to the person, resulting in responding with higher feedback. In addition, I found the section of “who should control cyberspace?” to be interesting. As I was reading the passage it said, that the first citizens of cyberspace made their own rules with little control. The word that caught my eye was “citizens.” This suggests that cyberspace does not just contain physical things like the computer itself but its part of a bigger picture. The idea of citizens is another way of saying a community or system in which relationships emerge and there is a sense of togetherness. Even though this is true, the system has much vulnerability. On page 63, the passage said that in order to affect millions of people, we can publish an article but, since it is not directly personal, the effects are weak. I look forward to seeing if these vulnerabilities will change within time.

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