Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapters 23-33

Chapter 23 discussed the important topic of ads and advertising.  The first forms of advertising were seen in newspaper and next magazines, using two different types—display ads and classified text-based ads.  But the history of advertising began with radio.  Although TV advertising seemed to be successful, many people were bothered by it.  But as an avid Internet user, Internet advertising is everywhere and has made millions of dollars.  One company that has made an insane amount of money on advertising is Google (around 3 billion dollars).  “Network marketing is the strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a message to others that promotes a product or service.”  It is almost identical to word-of-mouth but since it is done on the Internet it is called viral marketing.  One example is how Hotmail gave out free email accounts so that others would spread the word.  Chapter 24 is about electronic games.  I loved finding out that the first online game was invented in 1958, but was never patented.  Most of the first games came out in the 1970’s and were very simple games, one even being created by a student at MIT.  Some say that electronic games are violent and time wasters but Logan thinks otherwise.  The telegraph and the typewriter were important inventions that paved the way towards new media.  The telegraph is a predecessor of email, instant messaging, and text messaging.  The typewriter is a predecessor of the computer.  The telephone in chapter 27 has transformed in so many ways throughout history.  For one, voicemail has obsolesced the tape recorder.  Telephones are important for businesses but are not very important for households, where most people in a household use cell phones.  This chapter mentioned something small about fax machines and to be honest, I still occasionally use it today.  Music has evolved in more ways than one.  Music phonographs and tape recorders have been taken over by CDs.  CD roms were used for a long time, but in my opinion, were annoying because once the music from the CD was put on the computer for my MP3, the CD-rom itself would be irrelevant.  The MP3 format transforms digital audio tracks into computer data files.  The I-pod is the most common MP3 used today, having had many different colors and sizes.  I-Tunes is also an important application that helps people store and buy music online.  Movies in chapter 29 are inventions that have changed the world completely.  VCRs, VHSs, and DVDs are formats in which movies can be played on. “The movies are a form of virtual reality in that they transport you to and immerse you in another world and another time.  Digital creation of special effects and digital animation are two impacts of new media.  I-Movie is a cool application that allows people to make and edit their own movies.  One extremely popular website for movies in  This website allows anyone with an account to watch movies instantly without leaving their homes, for only a few dollars a month.  But probably the most popular site that allows people to watch small clips and even long clips is a website called  It is estimated that around 100 million views a day happen on You tube.  In regards to new media, Satellite radio is a popular station that many people use today in their cars and even at home.  People like this type of radio because it does not repeat many songs like regular radio stations do and only have short advertising commercials.  When thinking about television in chapter 31.  I immediately thought of my grandpa (born in 1914) who once told me that television is only a fad and it would not last/ or would not be needed in everyday households.  It is safe to say that he was a little bit wrong.  He most likely said this before the remote control was invented (I wouldn’t use it without one!).  “The clicker allowed the TV viewer to channel surf and hence provided some level of interactivity to a medium that otherwise makes the viewer totally passive.”  Television can also be used as a great education tool for people of all ages.  Cable channels like Nickelodeon can help younger’s kids learn and channel like history and discovery channel can help people my age and older to learn things they never knew.  In my opinion, all of the hundreds of channels in digital television is not super necessary, but does give more people more variety of what to watch on TV.  DVR, a way to record regularly scheduled television shows so that a person can go back and watch that show when they do have time—AMAZING invention.  It has given new rise to interactivity.  Not only can that person watch the show, they can also fast forward, rewind, pause, slow motion, or fast-motion at any time they want.  Logan also discusses weapons and automation.

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