Thursday, May 31, 2012

Response to Lecture on History of Communications

In regards to last night's lecture, it was fascinating to learn how much communication has evolved after thousands of years. New technology and inventions have major impacts on the way we interact with each other. It is evident through the progression from cave paintings to the internet that humanity is constantly striving to enhance and catalyze the mediums by which we communicate. One of the most notable things that was discussed in class too was the notion that our methods of communication affect the way we perceive the world. With the seemingly infinite information sources that the internet has to offer, we gain access to a plethora of websites. This broad range of knowledge allows us to fabricate well informed opinions and ingest information more open mindedly.

History of Communication

I find the origins of media to be very interesting and important. In order to understand the significance of the digital world it is important to understand how this process came about. About 20 to 30 thousand years ago primitive art such as cave paintings were found, then the agricultural revolution brought systems of notations. Furthermore, about five thousand years ago the Sumerians in Mesopotamia created writing and then the Semites alphabet came. Then the mechanical clock, steam engine, electricity and telegraph were invented. It’s astonishing to see how human nature evolved from cave writing to now digital media such as facebook twitter, foursquare and MySpace. I’m excited to see what the near present will bring.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Media Introduction

I find an introduction to new media class extremely valuable to take in this day and age.  I have known for a while that I want to go into the public relations field and I would love to learn how businesses and companies are involved with public relations, but more specifically how it is done through many different contemporary media environments.  I expect to learn many interesting concepts and ideas included with new media and hope to gain as much knowledge as possible this summer session.

New Media Introduction

I think Intro to New Media will be an interesting class because we will be able to engage ourselves in the different aspects of media, a major component in popular culture. Learning about new media will be especially enticing being that our generation is strongly internet and technology based. Media is closely intertwined with business and the way we communicate our ideas; therefore, whenever there is a shift in media, the change also effects our ever day lives. As an aspiring advertiser, I hope to learn from this class ways in which I can better communicate with the public and generate appealing campaigns.

Cons of New Media

New media have altered the state of society and how individuals interact with each other. Many feel that this is the new age and our society as a whole will become reliant on new media. This reliance has been overlooked by many as a consequence that comes with the territory. Individuals should become more aware of how social media can affect your future. Many young adults and teens don't realize that in the next five to fifteen years future employers, family members, and your own future children will be able to view these pictures and post with a simple search engine. People should become more aware of these faults and think before you post.

New Media Syllabus Day Post

I think New Media are fascinating. It gives everyone everywhere the ability to put their words and opinions out there on the internet. Anybody with an internet connection can tell the world what they ate for breakfast, what they thought about the last movie they saw, and who they will vote for in the upcoming election. I'm looking forward to learning about the history and origins of New Media and discussing its present and future.

New Media Integration

New Media is an interesting thing, especially as the industry has grown so explosively in the past decade into areas that would have seemed strange not even a few years ago. Services like Facebook have integrated social life into Media, Yelp has integrated the relationship of customer to proprietor, and FourSquare has even integrated the very act of being at one point into the realm of Media. How far can this process continue?

.:New Media Interests:.

New media allows real time news and situations to blur the lines between what is online and what is "IRL". New media has put us in "The future" in regards to how people in the first world relate to one another. From Facebook to Twitter to FourSquare, people are no longer either online or outside. Mobile phones and WiFi hotspots have allowed people to take interests and everyday happenings out of their lives and put them online for others to see, judge, comment on, and even participate in! In my mind this is both a wonderful as well as terrifying aspect of new media and personally the most interesting.

Welcome to Our blog

I'm interested in learning the basics for New Media. I usually don't care for blogging, so this will be a new experience  for me. 

New Media

I really enjoy new media because it allows us to communicate and see whats going on around us. I also like that it lets you put out your perspective on things. My main concern is with privacy. Once you put something on the internet, almost anyone can see it and if you decide later on that you regret something, the damage is already done even if you take it down.

Welcome to Our Blog

I just wanted to say Welcome to Our Blog, I hope you all like it!