Sunday, June 17, 2012

Logan Chapters 8-15

Chapters 8-15 of Understanding New Media are in Part II of the book, which lists all of the old media and how they have been affected by New Media. Chapter 8 is about the spoken word. One possible effect of New Media that the author discusses is that there could be a reduction in languages spoken across the world because most of the internet is in English. Although he says that the fear is “misplaced,” he does believe English will be more widely used. Chapter 9 discusses the written word. New Media encourages its use, through email, instant messenger, etc. Some, however, claim that reading and writing are doomed. Chapter 10 discusses roads; New Media has helped drivers find their destinations through online maps. Numbers, as discussed in Chapter 11, have been influenced by New Media due to the use of binary. Clothing has been influenced by New Media by wearable devices. New Media has influenced housing by way online real estate and the proliferation of internet connections in houses. New Media has influenced money by way of the ATM, E-commerce, and eBay. New Media has also influenced clocks, because most electronic devices (smartphones, computers, etc.) contain digital clocks.

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