Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chapter 22 the final blog

There have been many inventions that have lead up to what we now call the internet. of course the invention that makes viewing the internet possible is the computer. The computer has many inventions that have have come before it and lead up to its creation. These inventions consist of the abacus, steam engine, the loom, and many more. All of the inventions play a huge role in creating the computer, a functional interface and the internet. Another invention that does not create material objects, but information is the clock. As stated in our classroom lectures "Clocks are the ancestors of the computer"(Strate). Clocks have been existence to perform many functions and one of those main functions is a form of control to synchronize every individuals actions through out the world. Even though we are in different time zones we are all based on a system that allows everyone to operate and function together. Many of the financial markets in Asia and other countries open and close at different times than that of the United States. In order to keep track and be punctual in these markets we figure out the time difference and relate it to our own time. This is a universal sense of synchronization and has enabled our society's to live and work in conjunction with each other. To prevent crashes in one lane rail road tracks railroad companies configured different time zones within the United States to aid those traveling from places like Philadelphia, which there time is five minutes later than our time. This also created the ability for interstate transportation and travel. As time goes on Professor Strate believes that time will become more and more universal through out the world. Even though this transition will take time and be difficult it is a very large step into synchronizing individual society's into one and making trade, transport and many other things much more simple and logical. This class has been very influential in the teachings and history of New Media. The lectures and constant blogging have proved to be essential in mastering the beginnings of New Media. Thank you for the opportunity to par take in a class like this and I hope everyone has a great summer.

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  1. I agree with your point that "universal sense of synchronization and has enabled our society's to live and work in conjunction with each other". Thanks for this very informative stuff.